7chefs - FAQ's
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Yes. Some of our pasta packages can be frozen and are labelled with "Product is suitable for freezing before cooking”. Some of our packs do not recommend freezing after cooking. Our pasta has a ‘Use by’ date and should either be frozen or consumed by this date. It is recommended to keep pasta refrigerated below 5⁰C
It is recommended to consume pasta immediately once opened.


Our pasta cooking instructions can vary per variety. We recommend preparing the pasta as per the package cooking instructions specified on pack.
Our head pasta makers recommend adding one tablespoon of oil, either olive or vegetable, to boiling water prior to adding the pasta. Once you have added the pasta, keep the water at a gentle boil stirring frequently.
To prevent filled pasta falling apart, it is important to keep water at a gentle boil, enough to see some bubbles around the pasta. Continue to stir gently and avoid overcooking the pasta.


Some of our pasta is pre cooked/par cooked. This is a process whereby pasta is partially cooked which can be finished or reheated later. This is commonly used in the restaurant industry to provide convenience and provide speed of preparation.
Gluten Free products are not currently available.
7chefs is not Halal certified.
7chefs products are made available for purchase Australia wide at a number of major supermarkets, deli’s and specialty stores. For product availability please contact 1800 202 410, email info@7chefs.com.au or visit our website at www.7chefs.com.au
7chefs operates from an expansive contemporary production facility in Fawkner, Victoria. As a proudly Australian owned and operated business, we source our fresh ingredients locally wherever possible.
If you would like to sell any of our products, please contact our sales team on 1800 202 410, email info@7chefs.com.au or visit our website at www.7chefs.com.au
Unfortunately, our products cannot be purchased directly from our factory, however our products are available from a number of supermarkets and conveniences stores around Australia.