7chefs - About Us
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About Us

Our Story

7 Chefs was formerly known as Casa Della Pasta and was founded in 1986. The business has grown from its humble beginnings into one of Australasia’s leading producers of fresh pasta, gnocchi and pasta sauce products.

In its early days, the company was only producing small quantities of gourmet pasta, using hand operated pasta machines, in a little shop in East Brunswick, Victoria. Today, 7 Chefs operates from an expansive contemporary production facility in Fawkner, Victoria and continues to proudly make on modern, primarily Italian-made equipment, high quality products which we aim to be as good as those made by hand.

Throughout its history, the business has been privately owned and this remains the case today. In 2010, it was decided to change the name to better reflect the developing areas and additional Brand offerings of the company, and 7 Chefs was ‘born’.

Now making products under our own ‘Grand Italian’ and ‘Grand Italian Tuscan Finest’ brands for supermarkets and our traditional ‘Casa Della Pasta’ brand for food service and hospitality customers, we also manufacture products as ingredients for other foods such as soups or prepared meals, and we are proud to be trusted by other customers to make products on their behalf, for sale under their own brands.

In March 2022, 7 Chefs was pleased to announce it acquired the Diseb Group pasta manufacturing enterprise.  Diseb has an excellent modern manufacturing facility and together with the category-leading expertise of both businesses, this will support future growth and development opportunities as the two production facilities are brought together.

At 7 Chefs, we are constantly investing in and improving our production techniques, ensuring we make the finest quality, traditional and gourmet pasta and gnocchi from the freshest of ingredients. We source these ingredients locally wherever possible, and set very high quality standards for our supply partners. The company uses state of the art cooking facilities, which incorporate pasteurization and individual quick freeze technology.  Our techniques increase the shelf life of products, without the need for added preservatives, ensuring our customers and consumers experience our ‘hand-made’ quality and taste.

‘Grand Italian’ , ‘Casa Della Pasta’ and ‘7 Chefs’ are registered trademarks, ‘Grand Italian Tuscan Finest’ is a trademark.